What Is Your Dating Personality Type?

If you want to date successfully, then you should know what your dating personality type is. Not a lot of people know that there are even dating types, but if you know what yours is, it can help you out a lot. It can also help you read your date when you go out for a sex date and learn more about what kind of person they are. To help you get the most out of your dating life, here are some of the dating personality types to help you learn what yours is!


The Avoider

This is one that you literally want to avoid and if you are one, you have to take a step back. The avoider is one of the worst dating personality types because it is difficult for both them and the other person. They tend to expect to meet someone who is good for them without actually exerting the effort. They also tend to give half-exerted efforts to the person that they are dating while expecting more from the other.

If you feel like you are the avoider, then do not worry because there are things you can do to step out of this shell. You can start putting yourself out there more by going on dating sites. You can go out to more parties and start initiating conversations. You can also be more assertive with your dates by giving them small surprises and putting more effort into your dates.

The Dreamer

If you are a dreamer, you are likely the type to believe in love at first sight. Most dreamers do not fall for their friends. Instead, they believe that they saw an instant connection when they meet someone new. The dreamers tend to have higher expectations of others though, which can make them feel disappointed when things are not what they expected them to be. They might also be hung up on their ex and have small hopes that they get back together.

For a dreamer, especially if you are one, you need to put yourself out there more and realize there is a lot more people than you think. Instead of focusing on what others can be, you can make yourself become your own fantasy, that way you will not be disappointed by the person you are dating as much. For instance, if you admire a certain trait that you would want in a partner, try to learn that trait for yourself. This is great for your dating life and your personal life because it will help you grow.

The Hero

This can be a tricky type, but we have all been there. You tend to easily get into relationships and stay in them even if you do not feel like you care about the person the same way anymore. You always want to help the person you are with and will go out of your way to be with them. You might even excuse their nasty behavior towards you if people start to make comments about your relationship.

If this is you, then you have to know what you are worth. It is great that you are empathetic, but remember that you do not deserve to be treated badly by the person you are dating. Put yourself and your needs first and you will be able to find someone more compatible with you.

Your dating personality type matters. Learn what yours is today and it can help you have a fantastic dating life.